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Product Added : December 20th, 2010
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“Subwoofer /w Enclosure” is it assembled?
Do vented enclosure “with” dual subwoofers usually come assembled? The product i’m talking something like is below. Sorry if this is a stupid question buy i enjoy never bought any before. Also what do you feel of these subwoofers. No crutchfield bashing im not buying from…

“underneath powering” extended.?
I find it funny that some will assume if a speaker is under powered the amp is automatically going to clip. This is where the myth and certainty part ways. It’s the end user that have control of the gain and whether or not they use…

(2) kicker comp C12 v.s kicker L7?
would 2 kicker comp, C12 be as loud or come close to an L7, or would the L7 blow the comp. away?

(2) Solobaric L7′s and a Hifonics BXI2006 amp?
I want to get 2 15inch solobaric L7′s and i be wondering what to get, the 4 ohm or the 2 ohm subs. What would be best near that amp

(2)10w6v2 or (1) 12 w612v2 ? contained by a lincoln ls dont want to smash approaching crazy lately want some nice philosophical bass?
Jus want a really good quality sounding speaker i hold had my times with the trunk clank and trying to be the hardest hitting person on the block now i jus want it to nouns good… kicker has a great sub but i be aware of…

(DEI) Avital 2300 Car Alarm Wiring Question?
will it still work without the Starter Interrupt, and the (+) Ignition Input hooked up? If not how can I bypass it. I am wanting freshly the basic alarm functions none of the option, due to previous passlock issues.

(I enjoy 2 subwoofers and one is blown out)can i hook up single one subwoofer and not the other lacking problems?
a friend of mine gave me (2) 10″ sws earthquake subs beside the box. he said one of them is blown out. they are 200 RMS each totaling to 400 RMS. can i gain a 400 RMS amplifier, and only hook up one sub to it? one…

my mom wants to buy me one of those go smart cars and i dont resembling it but she is in love with it and really wishes to get it for me. it is really small, to small for me, i dont want to hurt her…

car systems*~*~*?
whats the best place to buy a stereo system for my car?!? thanks!

*HELP Securing Trunk Subs?
How can I theft-proof my trunk with subs surrounded by it besides buying a new warranty system? Is there some description of fasteners? Or something to lock them surrounded by? Thanks a lot.

*Wisdom Needed*~Rockford subwoofers cracking?
I work at a car audio shop that sell rockford punch series subwoofers, and have found that the subwoofer cones give the impression of being to all crack. I thought that this be just from population being stupid, but it seem that everytime I replace a…

?..Sub Woofer Box Size..?
I am thinking of getting a Honda Accord 1994-1997.The thing is I do not know what size I should produce make sub woofer box. i hear it is 13 cubic foot but i am kind of lame surrounded by math. How many cm or inches would a…

+3 or +6 db gain on amp?
I have an amp at Max Power Watts per Channel (4 Ohms) 220 x 1 and a subwoofer Dual-Voice-Coil 4-Ohm next to Peak Power Handling 1,500W and Continuous Power Handling 500W. I heard that if i put my gain to +6 it doubles my power so…

01 Hyundai Elantra cd player hookup?
Could someone help? I hold the colors of the wires from the car…if you could possibly report to me what each is? There are 2 red and 2 yellow (which my guess is speakers-does it event front/back?),1 black, 1 white,1 gold,1 blue,1 red, 1 gray, and…

01 Pontiac Grand Am GT Aftermarket compact disc Deck?
i know that the door chimes will be lost, but where can i procure a wire harness that will fit it? i also know i am going to requirement to run a switch wire from the fuse box to the deck. so adjectives i need to…

01 sebring cd changer next to 7″ flip out TV?
my car come with the 4 disc cd changer but I want to put a 7″ flip out TV, does any one know if the TV and changer will work. for anyone that does not know the cd changer contained by this car is a liitle…

02 Toyota Tacoma Xtra Cab, Subs?
What kind of subs can I fit contained by my truck under 200$ Also how do they work, are subs underneath? Also do I need a “amp” and what are they

03 Grand Am GT, Amp and Sub.?
Apparently there is a 8 bridge AMP in the rear legs of my car lower than the taillight. The car have the Monsoon audio system, also stating there is 8 speakers, which i’ve lone found 6. Could you hook up a Subwoofer straight to that AMP back…

05 toyota corolla stereo ignition cable problem?
i have a 2005 toyota corolla with aftermarket pioneer headunit speakers sub and amp. i lately installed some fog lights and ran the ignition wire the radio ignition line all was fine until the guy who wash my car decided to verbs on some wires and…

06 Mazda3/ipod abet! :o )?
I am CAR STUPID! I have an 06 mazda 3 (there is no 6 disk cd changer) If someone is adapted with installing auxilary cable in cars…. im probably going to charge the GROM brand one, from ebay and was wondering if it looks resembling its all…

07 Chevy Cobalt LT3 Stock Radio Power Issues!?
Well heres what im trying to do…Add an amp and 2 subs using the factory stereo cuz of the aux input i like….Now for what ive done..I started next to installing the amp but i couldnt hook up it up to the stereo without RCA jacks. So…

08 toyo 4runner stereo, which color line is the remote chain to turn on an after bazaar amp,is nearby one?
Right now Im using the ignition turn on wire,but when Im driving I turn my radio sour, And the amp is still on.what other options do i have?

1 Amplifer to 2 subwoofers bridgeable?
I have to 2 subwoofers next to 4 ohm impedance. I have one mono ampliefer that is to say list as 2 ohm bridgeable. What is my best bet for hooking it up to my two subs. It say it will produce 800 watts rms x1…

1 righteous sub or 2 clothed subs?
What would have more output 1 kicker cvr running at its rms of 400w or 2 kicker comps running at thier rms at 150w a piece?

1 warren on amp stopped working.?
One channel on my 2 channel 800 watt visonik suddenly stopped working. The other sub plugged into the other gutter works fine so I know its not the subs. Anybody know what could of happened?

10″ and 13″ subwoofer relieve?
hey friends .. i want to confirm somthing so plz help. resourcefully every speaker is designed according to specific frequency responce in a specific compass..a 10″ sub will give better mid bass than 13″ sub and 13″ will produce better low frequencies than a 10″ sub..money is…

10″ and 13″ subwoofer sustain?
hey friends .. i want to confirm somthing so plz help. in good health every speaker is designed according to specific frequency responce in a specific reach..a 10″ sub will give better mid bass than 13″ sub and 13″ will produce better low frequencies than a 10″…

10″ or 12″?
I want 12″ Alpint Type-R’s. 87dB two of them they are 1500w max with 50-500rms the 10″ alpine type-r is also 1500w max 50-500rms 85dB they are both 4 ohm whats the difference near the 10″ and the 12″ other than the size and the 85dB…

10″ Subs that own honourable SPL surrounded by s hermetic box?
my trunk doesnt have much room at adjectives so all i can carry is a 10″ subwoofer in a hermetically sealed box. I kinda want it in a hermetic box because they have biddable SQ but i want it to have flawless spl also are there any…

1000 watt kenwood amp?
Does it shut off because it is a unwanted items amp or because i have something wired wrong, im using the right guage of line and it says it can switch 1000 watt max. Kenwood KAC-8101D amp. Also it is bridged.

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